Subsidiary credit ratings as assigned by RAM Ratings Services Berhad.

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

  Financial Institution Ratings Subordinated Sukuk Murabahah Programme
15 Oct 2015 AA3/Stable/P1 - Press Release A1/Stable - Press Release
09 Oct 2014 AA3/Stable/P1 - Press Release A1/Stable - Press Release
26 Aug 2014 AA3/Stable/P1 - Press Release  
29 Nov 2013 A1/Stable/P1   - Press Release  
29 Nov 2012 A1/Stable/P1   - Press Release  
21 Nov 2011 A1/Stable/P1   - Press Release  
28 Oct 2010 A1/Stable/P1    

RAM Ratings Services Berhad is the leading provider of independent credit-rating services for the Malaysian market. Its portfolio includes a vast range of local and foreign companies, ranging from multinationals, banks, insurance companies and government-linked companies to a myriad of of investment vehicles, structured-finance transactions and Islamic securities (sukuk). Learn more about RAM Ratings.