Unity of Purpose

BIMB Holdings Berhad (“BHB”)

This year’s dynamic and vivid cover captures team spirit, alignment of values and unity of the Group’s diverse stakeholders towards shared goals. The various colours depict inclusivity and positivity. The graphic rendition of trees within the arms reflects a commitment to creating thriving environments and a focus towards Economic, Environment and Society. The forward looking cut of the white cover shows the Group’s ever progressive outlook.

unity of purpose

“Alone we can do so little,
while together we can do so much more.”

As the only Islamic financial holding company in Malaysia,
BHB’s potential for sustainable growth leverages on the synergy and drive
of its three subsidiaries, each with its own unique focus.



"If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself.”

Bank Islam continues to innovate new products and services
to cater to unmet financial and social needs in niche markets.

BHB 2018



It is an exciting time for financial services. We are now living, working and interacting in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) where digitalisation is expanding the limits of reach and connectivity. Heightened speed and ease of engagement have amplified the global clarion call for sustainable and ethical practices. This has shone a spotlight on Islamic financial system’s principles of fairness and justice that balance rewards and risks in an equitable and transparent manner, linking finance with the real economy. Today, more than ever, Islamic finance’s value proposition is winning the confidence of diverse stakeholders. Making a positive value-added difference to our stakeholders has become our core purpose.


“New collaborations lead to new opportunities.”

Takaful Malaysia continues to exceed
expectations through digital innovation,
customer-centricity and a high performance culture.


Progressing towards ‘finance beyond profit’, BIMB Holdings Berhad’s (“BHB” or “the Group”) business model is increasingly guided by the overarching objectives of the ‘Maqasid Al-Shariah’ which highlights the higher purposes of Shariah law, said to be built upon three objectives – purification of the soul, upholding justice and protecting interests of all sides. This is aimed at preserving and advancing the common interest of society at large, by preventing harm and maximising benefits.

At BHB, we have a long history of investing in the society itself as one of our key foundations in growing our business and building a sustainable Islamic financial ecosystem. Our mindful focus on our key priorities of Responsible Finance, Inclusive Growth, Talent Enrichment, Ethical Practice & Reporting, and Islamic Finance & Knowledge-Sharing, encompass a holistic approach to progress. These form the frameworks for our subsidiaries’ strategies in the banking, Takaful and securities sectors.

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“Excellence is not an end but a means;
not a skill but a prevailing attitude.”

We are invested in shaping an environment of excellence
that encourages continuous improvements and builds
a Group-wide aspiration to keep achieving new milestones.


Our CG is a reflection of our value, system and encompasses our culture, policies and relation ship with our stakeholders. Integrity and transparency are key to our CG practices to ensure that we gain and retain the trust of our stakeholders at all times.

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“Doing the good we can,
by all the means we have.”

Keeping sustainable goals in mind, we aim to positively serve
our people, community, nation and planet to the best of our ability.





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